White Wines (after Plays)

Photo by Erik Carter


Please join us at 27 rue de Fleurus for a salon of hermetic curiosities. Come enjoy our collection of fine art, and partake in the conversation on plays. White wines will be served, but not turkey and bones. Wear your finest, tiniest hat, and steel yourself for slumber-party-style punch-drunk giggle-fits. You’re welcome. We thank you.


A What Holds Heat production

Text by Gertrude Stein

Directed by Nic Adams

Choreography by Cori Marquis

Performed by Zazie Beetz, Danielle Hecht, Bryn Carter, Elizabeth Gray, and Keaton Morris-Stan.

Stage Managed by Brandon Allmon-Jackson

Lighting Design by Christina Franklin Tang

Costume Design by Nicole Valencia

Scenic Design by Elsa GibsonBraden

Original music composed and arranged by Bryn Carter, Keaton Morris-Stan, and Elizabeth Gray.

Assistant Direction by Javan Nelson

Scenic Painting by Jessica LaBarbera


White Wines (after Playswas presented at the Bushwick Starr (2015) as part of Target Margin Theater's Gertrude Stein Labs. 

Photos by Erik Carter