The Comfort Illusion, Part Four at Judson Memorial Church
8:00 PM20:00

The Comfort Illusion, Part Four at Judson Memorial Church

Crossroads (Crosswinds, Crosscurrents, Crossfires)
A curated series by Pioneers Go East Collective
Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square S, 
New York, NY 10012
June 19 at 8pm

Crossroads features artists who explore new genres and known performance and art-making modes to share their creative practices with other artists and their audiences. Each evening we witness different generations of artists dealing with actual, day-to-day, contemporary challenges to further discussion between artists, and to activate a network of exchange and inclusion with social and artistic intervention. Set in the beautiful main space at Judson Church - Crossroads curated by Pioneers Go East Collective features:

Brendan Drake
Agosto Machado and Michelle Kariuki
Amy Gijsbers van Wijk
Nic Adams
Paz Tanjuaquio
Laura-Marie Marciano

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10:00 PM22:00

“‘Stiff Drink!?’ with Dr. Eustice Sissy (Psy.D.), presents: ‘Songs from the Heart’”

Eustice - Dixon Place (full size).jpg

Buy your tickets by clicking here.


“‘Stiff Drink!?’ with Dr. Eustice Sissy (Psy.D.), presents: ‘Songs from the Heart’” begins as a mad-cap love-advice cabaret, replete with covers of popular torch songs, and dusted with Dr. Eustice’s signature rapier wit, and ends as a sincere meditation on personal barriers. All in one short show!


Lee Rayment (writer and creator) is a performer, photographer, and pilates instructor. “Stiff Drink…” is his first foray into the world of cabaret and hopefully not his last. Innumerable thanks to all of the people that have contributed ideas and encouragement along the way!

Nic Adams (director) is a Brooklyn-based theatre-maker. Coming up, Nic and choreographer Cori Marquis are debuting a new work, Duet-ed, on Fridays in January at Vital Joint, as part of The Exponential Festival.

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to Aug 25

salON!: Help, Self

Art by Mark Toneff.

Art by Mark Toneff.

Title:Point’s annual salON!

I’ll be sharing space with the likes of Title:Point, Cristina Pitter, Emilyn Kowaleski, William Burke, Jill Melanie Wirth, Walter Wlodarczyk, Hannah Kallenbach, David Pym, Peter Mills Weiss and more and more! (g)hosted by CATFOX. Admission is pay-what-you-will, cash only, at the door. More details here.

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7:00 PM19:00


H24US - Graphic.jpg

For ninety minutes, this will be our living room. Which, means, I guess, that there will be tea. Maybe you’ll meet someone under the perfect circumstances: they’ll be performing, doing what they do best, or at the very least now you’ll know what the world means to them. We’ll present what fresh new art we’ve been making and chat in between and maybe even get close to the point of it all, but if not now, maybe on the train ride home.

Lineup TBA.

Buy advance tickets by clicking here

The event runs 90 minutes.

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7:00 PM19:00


Logo by Riley Teahan.

Logo by Riley Teahan.

FEAST, a monthly variety series at Under St. Marks. FEAST was founded by Conrad Kluck and Alex Randrup and has hosted friends and collaborators like Paul Ketchum, Ann Marie Dorr, Aron Canter, and Freddy Edelhart. Aside from programming awesome performance, each FEAST comes with - you guessed it - a menu of snacks meant to accompany the performances!

For tickets, click here.

For more info, click here.

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7:00 PM19:00


For ninety minutes, this will be our living room. Which, means, I guess, that there will be tea. Maybe you’ll meet someone under the perfect circumstances: they’ll be performing, doing what they do best, or at the very least now you’ll know what the world means to them. We’ll present what fresh new art we’ve been making and chat in between and maybe even get close to the point of it all, but if not now, maybe on the train ride home.

File under: salon, performance, writing, reading, reciting, singing, music, acting, shmacting, new


Jerome Ellis
Charlotte Mundy
Javan Nelson
Cristina Pitter
Nicole Pursell
Rebecca Robertson
& Nic Adams

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door. 

The event runs 90 minutes.

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7:00 PM19:00

Target Margin's Grand Opening of The Doxsee



Performance + Party celebrating Target Margin's new theater THE DOXSEE!

Friday, November 10, 2017 at 7:00PM


THE DOXSEE @ Target Margin Theater

232 52nd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11220

R train to 53rd Street / N train to 59th in Brooklyn / Ferry to Sunset Park

Join Target Margin for a performance + party celebration of their new space THE DOXSEE in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Featuring new work by Target Margin Theater plus over 40 theater / performance artists. See the full schedule below. Please note: tickets must be purchased separately for each night.

Friday 11/10
Nic Adams, Clare Barron, Tanisha Christie, John Del Gaudio, Lane Dombois, James Tigger! Ferguson, Rebecca Hart, Sherrine Azab & Jake Hooker / A Host of People, Yehuda Hyman, Claire Moodey, Shannon Sindelar, and Peter Mills Weiss.

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9:30 PM21:30

Icarus in the L.E.S. at Joe's Pub

Photo by  Aaron RadioSilence .

Icarus in the L.E.S.
by Nic Adams

Joe's Pub at The Public
425 Lafayette Street
(between East 4th and Astor Place) NYC

Performed by Ronald Peet

Thursday, August 24th
Doors at 9pm
Show at 9:30pm
By Phone: 212-967-7555
On the Web:
In Person: The Public Theater Box Office from 1pm to 6pm
Joe’s Pub from 6pm to 10pm
(Both located at 425 Lafayette St.)

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to Jun 12

Duet-ed - Work-In-Progress Showing - ?!:New Works Festival

Nic and choreographer Cori Marquis are teaming up again to present a new dance-theatre piece, Duet-ed, which will have its first work-in-progress showing at Vital Joint's second annual ?!:New Works Festival on Sunday, June 4th and Monday, June 12th. 

"We are not, of course, naturally monogamous. We are the animals for whom something is too much." - Adam Phillips.

An intimate sketch in dance-theatre etudes on monogamy, mating, betrayal, and performance intended for an audience of one at a time. 

**Seating is limited to 5 audience members per night.** 

To book your reservation, email, subject line: "Duet-ed Reservation".

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to Jan 28

Icarus in the L.E.S. at JACK

Brooklyn Gypsies Presents

As part of One Catches Light & Exponential Festival


Icarus in the L.E.S.

by Nic Adams


Tickets can be purchased here.


Icarus in the L.E.S. (full-length premiere) is a kaleidoscopic performance-poem delivered from the final bastions of the New York vanguard. The performance centers on the wax-winged hero – who did not die when he fell from the sky, but instead lives on – chasing his destiny and scouting out the divide between artistic achievement and personal happiness. Taken under the wings of a mystical literati including The Silent Janitor, Bernardo, and The Severed Head of Homer, the poet, Icarus, must ford the rivers of the underworld to his final showdowns with both his nemesis, Rodney Cheshire Clemenceau, and himself. Presented as a teched-out poetry reading, and brimming with sound and video design culled from the most psychically-charged bits of city living, the poem is performed by the soulful and unendingly charismatic Ronald Peet.


January 20th at 6:30pm

January 21st at 11pm

January 22nd at 9:30pm


January 26th at 6:30pm

January 27th at 8pm

January 28th at 9:30pm


Performances at JACK (505 1/2 Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238)

Created by Nic Adams

Performed by Ronald Peet*


*This actor is appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. Icarus in the L.E.S. is an Equity approved Showcase.

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7:30 PM19:30

Yours Untruly (work-in-progress showing)

1.12.17 at 7:30pm on the Mainstage at Dixon Place (161A Chrystie St., New York NY 10002)

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

Yours Untruly is an ensemble performance comprised of self-questioning diary entries and confessional letters from a middle school girl; dancing and singing through the crises of grades, fitting in, and mortality. This piece explores the uncomfortable truths within us all that cause us to rethink our definitions of self.


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2:00 PM14:00

Who Made This? (Panel)

Who Made This? Collaboration, Credit and Intellectual Property in Theatermaking

1.8.17 at 2pm at The Brick (575 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211)

A panel discussion co-curated and moderated by Sarah Hughes and Nic Adams. 

A panel of dramaturgs, directors, playwrights, designers, and an Intellectual Property lawyer will share their expertise and the experiences that have helped them shape their practices around fair use, rights, and credit in collaborative theatermaking.

Panelists include:
- James Harrison Monaco (dramaturg and playwright/performer)
- Celia Muller (IP Lawyer)
- Samuel Wilson (playwright/theatre-maker)
- Others to be announced shortly

Admission is free and there will be an opportunity for an audience question and answer session.

For more information on The Exponential Festival, visit the festival's website by clicking here.

Check out the Facebook Event by clicking here.

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to Apr 24


  • Signature Theatre Company (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Nic will be assisting Sarah Hughes on Sam Goodman's new play, Afterward, as part of Columbia University's MFA Playwriting Thesis Presentations at Signature Theatre.

Get more info by clicking here.

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to Apr 16

Icarus in the L.E.S. (work in progress showing) at Interrobang: New Works Festival

Icarus in the L.E.S. (work in progress showing) is an epic performance-poem that picks up where the myth left off. It presents Icarus - having never died when he fell from the sky - but instead living on, badly crippled. At present, he finds himself in Manhattan looking for respect and notoriety as an artist among the world's most mystical poets. 

The excerpt that will be shared at Interrobang: New Works is a teched-out poetry reading featuring live field recordings of NYC street sounds and a performance by Isabella Sazak. 

Approximate runtime: 30 minutes.



April 10 - 8PM ICARUS IN THE L.E.S., 8:30 Lorelei Ramirez

April 16 - 8pm Jon Burkland, 8:45pm Twins, 9:30pm Spencer Campbell, 10pm ICARUS IN THE L.E.S.


For more information, including show dates, times, prices, artist bios, and venue details, please visit or email us at

Tickets are $10 for an entire evening of performance (Inlcuding Icarus and all other acts on the bill). 

All performances are in Vital Joint at The Silent Barn.

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to May 23

Toilet Time With Eliza Bent

May 14 - 23

Get tickets here:

Previously presented as short selections at Dixon Place's Little Theatre, Catch!, and the Great Plains Theatre Conference, Toilet Time with Eliza Bent finally flushes full force at JACK this spring. Bent's lecture/ritual is a tour-de-toots taking on matters of science, philosophy and faith with no shortage of song and sass. The commode, the bidet, and the outhouse get special treatment as well as adventures in digestion. A special guest introduces the evening. 

Part of the series DAMNABLE SCRIBBLING: Brooklyn College Playwrights at JACK

Eliza Bent’s plays include The Beyonce (Breaking String Theatre, Payne Award for Outstanding Theatrical Event), Blue Wizard / Black Wizard (Other Forces, Incubator Arts Project), and The Hotel Colors (Bushwick Starr, L magazine’s 25 Best Stage shows of 2013). Her performance pieces such as Fire the Hire and Toilet Time with Eliza Bent have been workshopped and developed with New Georges, Catch!, Great Plains Theatre Conference and Dixon Place. Bent is a senior editor at American Theatre magazine and a founding company member of the Obie-award winning company Half Straddle. She lives in Brooklyn. MFA in playwriting Brooklyn College.

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7:00 PM19:00

Icarus in the L.E.S. - Work-In-Progress Showing

One-night-only, work-in-progress showing at Dixon Place!

More info here:


A soaring new performance-poem which rediscovers the wax-winged hero in love in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Full of heartache, sun-staring, a sense of displacement, and set against the backdrop of bodegas and dive-bars, Icarus in the L.E.S. will tell the story of a poet in love, with mythic ambitions and urban obstacles.


Nic Adams


Jack Adams

Nic Adams

Brian Hendricks

Javan Nelson

Rebecca Robertson

Lee Rayment

Emilyn Kowaleski

Marcus Zebrakid Smith

Cori Marquis

Erin McGuff

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to Apr 26

Big Green Theater


Get tickets here:

April 24 - 26

Special Benefit Performance at 7pm
Plays by PS075 at 11am
Plays by PS123 at 3pm
SUNDAY 4/26:
Plays by PS123 at 11am
Plays by PS075 at 3pm

All Sat. and Sun. performances are FREE!
Walk-ins are welcome but we encourage you to make a reservation.

Friday Benefit Performance is $18
Benefit ticket includes the show at 7pm, entry in our eco-raffle, plus after party with music and refreshments!

This marks our 5th anniversary year of BIG GREEN THEATER! We are thrilled to herald this special year by doubling the BGT program, which is now offered in TWO Bushwick public schools: PS 123 and PS 075. So get ready to be awed and inspired by bigger and greener theater than ever before!

BIG GREEN THEATER is an annual eco-playwriting program and green theater festival celebrating environmental education, sustainability in the arts, and community enrichment. Original plays written by Bushwick 5th grade students are performed by a professional ensemble using only green theater methods. 

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to Apr 2

A Star Has Burnt My Eye

A Star Has Burnt My Eye


March 27 – April 2, 2015

Written by Howard Fishman 
Directed by Sarah Hughes 
Music & Lyrics by Connie Converse 

Howard Fishman, Charlotte Mundy, Liam Robinson & Jean Rohe

Assistant Director: Kate Downey
Dramaturg: James Harrison Monaco
Stage & Production Manager: Nic Adams 
Sound Designer: Eva von Schweintz 
Set/Costume Designer: Christopher Hellman
Lighting Designer: Megan Lang
Associate Lighting Designer: Megan Estes
Producing Team: Kate Downey, Caroline Gart & Pamela Reichen

It's hard to believe Connie Converse's story isn't more widely known; it's hard to believe her story at all. An obscure musician living in Greenwich Village just before the start of the folk music revival, Connie recorded hours of music and wrote letters that transcend time, then abruptly disappeared in 1974. She left goodbye notes that aren't quite suicide notes, and nobody ever found any trace of her.

Somewhere between a living room and a stage, four musicians prepare for a concert and explore ideas about alienation, failure, genius, and the kinds of connection art allows us.  A Star Has Burnt My Eye combines live music composed by Connie Converse, original text by Howard Fishman, and found materials – Connie’s personal letters and journals, previously unheard recordings of her songs, and firsthand recollections from those that knew her – in an attempt to capture what we felt upon hearing Connie Converse for the first time. 

A Star Has Burnt My Eye has been previously performed in work-in-progress concert showings at Joe's Pub, Abrons Arts Center, and Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, as well as at Vox Theater's VoxFest.

This workshop presentation is its New York premiere.

Running time approximately 90 minutes

Friday, March 27th @ 8pm
Sunday, March 29th @ 5pm
Monday, March 30th @ 8pm BENEFIT PERFORMANCE
Tuesday, March 31st @ 8pm 
Wednesday, April 1st @ 8pm 
Thursday, April 2nd @ 8pm

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to Mar 14

Comfort Dogs: Live from the Pink House

TICKETS: $15 (purchase in advance here, or cash only at the door)

Set in the skeleton of a pink hurricane-torn house a band of dogs walk around of the inside and try to make sense of humankind's need for comfort as they read letters from the audience asking for solace   An ensemble of musicians and live dogs will howl, scotch and poop their way through an evening as the inadvertently ask the question: Who nurtures the nurturer?

Featuring Julia Sirna-Frest, Paul Ketchum, Andrew Butler, Shane Chapman and Electra Weston, with set design by Carolyn Mraz.

Wednesdays – Saturdays, Feb. 25 – March 14
Additional performance: Monday, March 8 

TIME: All shows at 8 pm

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to Feb 7

The Golden Toad

by Talking Band

Directed by Paul Zimet / Written by Ellen Maddow and Paul Zimet

Talking Band celebrates their Fortieth Season with an episodic music-theater work that traces the shifting identities of its characters over time and changing circumstances. Developed by the company in four site-specific locations: the garden of a Brooklyn townhouse, a tour bus travelling through the New Jersey Meadowlands, a pop-up clothing store, a Karaoke bar called “The Golden Toad” – this world premiere re-creates and re-imagines the original sites throughout The Ellen Stewart Theatre so that the audience moves from episode to episode into four discrete worlds.

January 23, 2015 - February 07, 2015

- Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 7pm

- Saturdays at 2pm & 7:30pm

- Sundays at 4pm ( additional Monday performance 1/26 at 7pm)

Ellen Stewart Theatre


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to Jan 24

White Wines (after Plays)

White Wines (after Plays)
Lead Artist: Nic Adams
Texts: White Wines/Plays

buy tickets by clicking here

Please join us at 27 rue de Fleurus for a salon of hermetic curiosities. Come enjoy our collection of fine art, and partake in the conversation on plays. White wines will be served, but not turkey and bones. Wear your finest, tiniest hat, and steel yourself for slumber-party-style punch-drunk giggle-fits. You’re welcome. We thank you.

Thursday 1/15 at 7:30pm
Friday 1/16 at 7:30pm
Saturday 1/17 at 7:30pm
Tuesday 1/20 at 7:30pm
Wednesday 1/21 at 7:30pm
Friday 1/23 at 7:30pm
Saturday 1/24 at 9:30pm

… playing with…

Five Historic Children Who Are Not, led by Nehassaiu deGannes

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