Six Church Poems

By Nic Adams


A musical variety show featuring the world’s best fake poets. Featuring an ensemble of actors, musicians, and dancers, this one-night-only event draws inspiration from films like “This Is Spinal Tap”, Talking Heads’ “Stop Making Sense”, and any performer who’s worn a little too much glitter and a little too high a heel. Enthusiasts of literature, theatre, and salons harking back to a different era will find much to love in this ongoing experiment in new approaches to presenting live poetry.


Written & Directed by Nic Adams

Original music composed by Jack Adams

Performed by Nic Adams, Jack Adams, Rebecca Robertson, Brian Hendricks, and Lee Rayment.

Choreography by Zultari "Zui" Gomez

Film  by Hernan Ferrer


Six Church Poems  was presented twice in different versions as work-in-progress showings at Dixon Place in 2014. 


Matt Bowdren (development), Javan Nelson (filmmaking), and Brian Hendricks (artwork, graphic design).