The Comfort Illusion

Work Sample

~ Work In Progress ~


The Comfort Illusion works well as an aural experience. To simulate this, I've created an audio "demo" of a five-minute excerpt from Part 2, which recreates the sound design and performance of the text.

The elements which comprise the sound design are stand-in tracks which will be replaced with original compositions before I begin production. Accompanying the aural experience will likely be a complimentary video design.


Created and performed by Nic Adams


Excerpts from The Comfort Illusion have been presented as work-in-progress showings at HERETOFORE UNSEEN, a salon for new works (February and September 2018, NYC), salON! (August 2018, NYC), ApartmentPARTY (August 2018, NYC), FEAST: A Performance Series (May 2018, NYC), and Irregular Salon (May 2018, NYC).

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