Icarus in the L.E.S.

By Nic Adams

Photo by Aaron RadioSilence.


Icarus in the L.E.S. is a kaleidoscopic performance-poem delivered from the final bastions of the New York vanguard. The performance centers on the wax-winged hero – who did not die when he fell from the sky, but instead lives on – chasing his destiny and scouting out the divide between artistic achievement and personal happiness. Taken under the wings of a mystical literati including The Silent Janitor, Bernardo, and The Severed Head of Homer, the poet, Icarus, must ford the rivers of the underworld to his final showdowns with both his nemesis, Rodney Cheshire Clemenceau, and himself. Presented as a teched-out poetry reading, brimming with sound and video design culled from the most psychically-charged bits of city living.


Written, directed, and designed by Nic Adams

Performed by Ronald Peet

"Rodney's Showdown Dance" choreographed by Deborah Lohse


Icarus in the L.E.S. has been presented at Joe's Pub at The Public Theater (2017), JACK (2017), Cloud City (2016), The Silent Barn (2016), and Dixon Place (2015). 

Photos by Aaron RadioSilence.


Emilyn Kowaleski (editing, production), Erin McGuff (editing, performing), Cori Marquis (direction, choreography), Sarah Hughes (producing), Theater Reconstruction Ensemble (development), John Kurzynowski (direction), Theresa Buchheister (development), Alec Duffy (in-kind donation), Oye Group (development), The Performing Garage (residency), Modesto “Flako” Jimenez (direction, producing, and development), Isabella Sazak (performing), Jack Adams (development, performing), Brian Hendricks (development, performing, artwork), Lee Rayment (development, performing, and photography), Rebecca Robertson (development, performing), Javan Nelson (performing), Alenka Kraigher (performing), Toussaint Jeanlouis (performing), Marcus “Zebrakid” Smith (performing), and all the Indiegogo supporters!


TRE|haus Playwright-in-Residence (2015)