By What Holds Heat

Photo by Lee Rayment.


Duet-ed is a site-specific, interactive performance comprised of one-on-one dance-theatre etudes on intimacy, fidelity, monogamy, desire, and betrayal. Some of these experiences between a single audience member and a performer include the game of “Seven Minutes in Heaven” you never knew you needed, future-tripping through the first two and a half years of a hypothetical romance, singing goodbye to a really good lay under the bar, and transcribing a rhapsody of the fateful night which could end a marriage.


Created and directed by Cori Marquis and Nic Adams

Production designed by Aaron Amodt

Music arranged and performed by Jack Adams


Nic Adams

Jack Blackmon

Sandie Cheng

Chris Ignacio

Vanessa Koppel

JMolière Live

Cori Marquis

Taylor Myers

Cristina Pitter

Nicole Pursell

Niko Tsocanos


Duet-ed has been presented at Vital Joint as part of The Exponential Festival (2019) and Interrobang:New Works (2017). 

Photos by Lee Rayment.


Lucy Kaminsky (performing and contributing), Nathaniel Peart (performing and contributing), Taylor Greatbatch (performing and contributing), Theresa Buchheister (producing), Vital Joint (development), Angel Desai (editing), Cameron Christopher Stuart (editing), Sean Loiselle (editing), and The Exponential Festival (presenting).